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2020 PET Updates

The u EXPLORER Total Body PET at the University of California, Davis has been in operation since June 2019. Initial clinical research programs are underway.

A second u EXPLORER was established at the Zhongshan Hospital in Shanghai in 2019


Kinetic 18FDG data has been processed to produce Patlak derived Total Body, voxel by voxel, quantitative functional parametric Ki image data!

!Zhang X, Xie Z, Berg E, Judenhofer M S, Liu W, Xu T, et al. 2019 Total-Body Dynamic 121 Reconstruction and Parametric Imaging on the uEXPLORER. J Nucl Med. 2020;61: 285-291


The PennPET EXPORER reported the results of its half-way construction of a 75cm axial length system*,**It is projected that the 150 axial length system will be operational early in 2020.Unlike the UIH EXPLORER which has an Anger logic positional readout, the PennPET EXPLORER

Is based upon a Philips digital SiPM detector tile: 1-to-1 coupling detector module

*PennPET Explorer: Design and Preliminary Performance of a Whole-body Imager

Joel S. Karp1Varsha Viswanath, Michael J. Geagan, Gerd Muehllehner, Austin R. Pantel, Michael J. Parma, Amy E. Perkins, Jeffrey P. Schmall, Matthew E. Werner, Margaret E. Daube-WitherspoonJ Nucl Med; 2020 61:136-143

**PennPET Explorer: Human Imaging on a Whole-body Imager

Austin R. Pantel, Varsha Viswanath, Margaret E. Daube-Witherspoon, Jacob G.Dubroff, Gerd Muehllehner, Michael J. Parma, Daniel A. Pryma, Erin K. Schubert,David A. Mankoff, Joel S. Karp J Nucl Med ;2020 61:144-151


The Total-body PET 2020 conference will focus on new developments and systems for total-body, preclinical and clinical, PET imaging as well as research and clinical applications of this game-changing technology. The conference is jointly organised by the University of Edinburgh, Scotland and Ghent University, Belgium. It will take place on the 20th-22nd of June 2020 at the prestigious McEwan Hall, Edinburgh, Scotland.

The case for for establishing a Total Body PET Scanning research facility in the UK is ongoing.

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