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PET ADVANCES - Projected Developments and Applications of PET

The design of the first prototype EXPLORER Total Body PET scanner, in collaboration with United Imaging Healthcare has been completed in 2018 and the first humans imaged in the Fall of 2018.

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PET Scanning in 2017
PET Scanning 2017
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Total Body PET 2018
PET Scanning of the future


For details of the EXPLORER project and areas of application of this advanced PET scanner technology read:

EXPLORER consortium website.


Earlier publications: 

Cherry SR, Badawi RD, Karp JS, Moses WW, Price P, Jones T. Total-body imaging:

transforming the role of positron emission tomography. Sci Transl Med. 2017;9: eaaf6169.

Simon R. Cherry, Terry Jones, Joel S. Karp, Jinyi Qi, William W. Moses, Ramsey D. Badawi Total Body PET: Maximizing sensitivity to create new opportunities for clinical research and patient care J Nuc Med; 2018; 59:3–12


The first human studies with the u EXPLORER were undertaken at United Imaging Healthcare Shanghai in the Fall of 2018. These included both static and dynamic 18FDG imaging:


Badawi, R. D., H. C. Shi, P. C. Hu, S. G. Chen, T. Y. Xu, P. M. Price, Y. Ding, B. A. Spencer, L. Nardo, W. P. Liu, J. Bao, T. Jones, H. D. Li and S. R. Cherry (2019). "First Human Imaging Studies with the EXPLORER Total-Body PET Scanner." Journal of Nuclear Medicine 60(3): 299-303.

FDA approval for human applications was received in 2018


Recent publications:


Zhang X, Xie Z, Berg E, Judenhofer MS, Liu W, Xu T, Ding Y, Lv Y, Dong Y, Deng Z, Tang S, Shi H, Hu P, Chen S, Bao J, Li H, Zhou J, Wang G, Cherry SR, Badawi RD and Qi J. Total-Body Dynamic Reconstruction and Parametric Imaging on the uEXPLORER. J Nucl Med 2020; 61: 285-291

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Leung E, Berg E, Omidvari N, Spencer B, Li E, Abdelhafez Y; Schmall J, Liu W, He L, Tang S, Liu Y, Dong Yun, Jones T, Cherry S, Badawi R Quantitative accuracy in total-body imaging using the uEXPLORER PET/CT scanner" by. Article reference: PMB-112348.R1 2021

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A second u EXPLORER was established at the Zhongshan Hospital in Shanghai in 2019. As of 0ctober 2021 there are 6 u EXPLORER scanners in China.

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